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Content Review and Coding

Search engines send out spiders periodically to choose which website pages to index first. When the time comes, it is vital to make sure your website coding is the best it can be. Minor glitches in one’s code may cost a page the opportunity to receive top rankings. Vizability provides review services for page content and coding to help fully optimize websites, and get them noticed by top ranked search engine programs. Our experienced professionals are experts in the field of search engine optimization (SEO) and combine all key factors to ensure compatibility.

Analysis and Research

The power of thorough research and analysis of keywords for web page content is often underestimated. Doing research can prove extremely beneficial for making any search engine optimization effort achieve optimal effectiveness. At Vizability, we provide a range of research and analyses services that incorporate the latest techniques as well as client suggestions for increasing website traffic with targeted keywords.

Web Page Optimization

For web page optimization, we provide a list of researched keywords to clients for approval before implementing them into the appropriate code and content areas. Out trained SEO experts are able to fulfill all of your optimization needs, including those for sub-pages.

Search Engine Directory Submission

An important part of the search engine optimization process is getting web page content to a search engine for indexing. Vizability will handle the submission process for you, and manually submit content to popular directories like Google, Yahoo, and MSN for their updates.

Link Building

Vizability offers link building services that help increase website traffic with unique click through visitors. What makes this service extremely valuable is its ability to increase the number of times a website gets spidered, as well as visited by users. Link building with high traffic sites helps drastically improve rankings.

Online Ranking Reports

At Vizability, we provide clients with online access to ranking reports so they can conveniently keep track of how their website presence has improved. We provide periodic updates for major search engines, which are broken down by category within each report. Reports are updated on a bi-weekly basis to allow sufficient time for directory updates to occur.

Monitoring and Maintenance

We will monitor your search engine placement to help you maintain exposure and top placement rankings on major directories. The monitoring process is an important step in staying ahead of the competition and Vizability wants to help you ensure you get and maintain the listing you deserve.

Sitemaps for Google

Custom Google Sitemaps help dramatically improve Google index ranks. We can create custom sitemaps for every unique website we create. The system is a collaboration between users and Google that allows one to directly communicate when updates or changes to websites occur.


Articles related to products, services, or news worthy ideas can be submitted to blogs and other outlets to help improve a company’s visibility, and may also be instrumental in brand building. As part of our search engine optimization package, we can create and submit content to attract visitors to your site, or release important announcements or news on your behalf. Our content writers are experienced in creating works that inform, persuade, announce, and do virtually everything else you may need an article to do.

Press Release Writing

One of our most effective web-based marketing solutions is press release writing. We tailor our press release content to meet your needs, whether you are seeking to inform prospective clients about a new product or service offering, or persuade visitors to tour your website. Vizability is regarded as being a major force in getting important information to the public in a manner that draws in the masses. Our press release writing helps improve both credibility and visibility.

Vizability is a leader in providing the most effective search engine optimization services in the country. Our well respected professional team has extensive experience in finding the perfect solutions for a wide range of online marketing needs for everyone from businesses and corporations, to non-profits and individuals.

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